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The patented GTI Bi-Fuel System incorporates a sophisticated, electronic control system, which controls both natural gas and diesel fuel during operation. In addition, the GTI Electronic Control System (ECS) acts as an engine safety device, by monitoring up to 31 critical data channels including:

  • Gas Supply
  • Engine Vacuum
  • Intake Manifold Air Pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Engine Vibration
  • Engine RPM

The various data channels are displayed on the ECS via an LCD display in either text or graphical format. The ECS notifies the user locally (via an LED general fault light) or remotely via modem, in the event of a fault.

If a fault is detected, the ECS will automatically switch bi-fuel off, allowing 100% diesel operation, and data-log the fault. The ECS fault set points are field adjustable and allow installation technicians to customize the Bi-Fuel System to the specific requirements of the customer and/or the operational limitations set-forth by the engine manufacturer. Once programmed, the fault settings are protected by a keypad lockout code, which prevents unauthorized personnel from altering the set points.

The ECS guarantees that in the unlikely event of either a Bi-Fuel System malfunction, or a disruption in natural gas supply pressure (either low or high pressure faults), the diesel engine will be protected from damage. Most of the monitored channels are latching type faults, i.e. if the Bi-Fuel System is deactivated by the ECS, the generator cannot be returned to Bi-Fuel operation until the ECS panel is manually reset. Lastly, the ECS also incorporates a built-in time delay function, which prevents initiation of Bi-Fuel operation after generator start-up, for a period of up to 999 seconds. This feature is used when the converted generator is used in paralleling operations, and allows the generator to start-up and synchronize on 100% diesel fuel before automatically switching to bi-fuel operation.